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Warcraft Version SwitcherFile: Warcraft Version Switcher
Author: Ugge
Lenguage: English
Version: 1.61
Size: 99.68 MB
Filename: wvs.exe

Warcraft Version Switcher is a program that allows you to change between different versions of warcraft in a fast and safe way. With this program you can upgrade or downgrade from patch 1.26a to 1.27b of Warcraft III The Frozen Throne.

If you need different versions of warcraft III to watch old replays, or play online with different platforms (such as Garena, RGC, w3arena, GameRanger, Rubattle.net, PvPGN Servers, etc) this program will solve the problem.


Please make sure you meet following requirements before proceeding with installation…

– Warcraft III RoC and TFT 1.26a or higher version.
– Warcraft III client only in English language.


– Added 1.27b version support


Some images of Warcraft 3 Version Switcher…

Download Warcraft Version Switcher

Click on the link to download…



Please make a full backup of your Warcraft III folder before using this program.

– Unzip the downloaded wvs.rar file…

– Run wvs.exe file as administrator (right click on wvs.exe and select “Run as administrator”)…

– wvs.exe will automatically detect the location of warcraft III, otherwise it must be selected manually…

– Select the location of the warcraft iii folder, click “OK”, the program will close to save your configuration….
Warcraft Version Switcher - location

– Restart wvs.exe (as administrator again)…
Warcraft Version Switcher - Menu

– Click on “Options”, select “Warcraft Version Switcher Option” tab, and verify that the location of the “Warcraft III” folder is correct….
Warcraft Version Switcher - Opctions

– If it is not correct, write the correct location. The program will already be configured to be used.
Warcraft Version Switcher - Opctions

– Now, to change the version, click on the option “Switch version”, here you can see a list of available patches…
Warcraft Version Switcher - Versions

– Select and double-click on the patch you want to install, it will show the message “Are you sure want to switch version?”, Click on “YES” …
Warcraft Version Switcher - change

– The program will start the installation of the selected patch, wait a few seconds until the installation is finished.
Warcraft Version Switcher - Please wait...

– Once the installation is finished, close “Warcraft Version Switcher” program, and run the game warcraft III and verify that the version has changed.

– To change to another version, follow the steps indicated above.


– This version only works with the game in English language.
– Make a full backup of your game before using this program.
– This version contains the following files: TFT Version 1.27b.zip, TFT Version 1.27a.zip, TFT Version 1.26.zip
– Do not install this version in a language other than English.
– Support for patches 1.27b (, 1.27a ( and 1.26a (