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This is a list of some of the Warcrat 3 servers currently available. This list is divided into two groups, the official Blizzard servers (Battle.net) and the private servers (PvPGN).

On these online servers you can to play Warcraft 3 and DotA 1 maps.

Warcraft 3 servers Battle.net (Official)

– Only users with originals CD-keys (purchased at a store) from Warcraft III Reign of chaos and The Frozen Throne can play on these servers.

Warcraft 3 servers PvPGN (Private – Unofficial)

– To play on these servers is not required to have originals CD-KEYS.
– To play on PvPGN servers you need the laucher: PvPGN Loader.
– You can watch more pvpgn servers here: track.pvpgn.org


Name: Name of the warcraft III server.
IP: Server IP address.
Country: Server location.
Zone: Time Zone of the server.
Version: Warcraft III Patch supported by the server.
Register: Registration form of an account on this server, this may be:
* Ingame: The registration of an account is created from the same client.
* Web: The registration of an account is created from the server’s website.

How to add a server to warcraft III

To manually add a new servers to the list of Warcraft III, use the Blizzard Blizzard Battle.net Gateway Editor


– On these servers are played with maps DotA 6.85k, DotA 6.83d and DotA 6.83d fixed v2 by h3rmit
– The map DotA 6.88 is not supported on these online servers.
– If you need to change between versions (1.27b <-> 1.26a), use Warcraft Version Switcher program