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rgc warkeysFile: RGC Warkeys
Author: Iamkillingyou
Lenguage: English
Version: 3.0b
Size: 1.58 MB
Filename: RGC Warkeys v3.0b.exe

RGC Warkeys, is a simple and practical Hotkey to play dota in Ranked Gaming Client, is based on the source code of the popular AucT Hotkeys Tool, but more simplified.

With RGC Warkeys, you can configure the quick accesses of your inventory (items), abilities, messages, customize abilities for Invoker and Rubick heroes, and other options in the game.


– Customize the objects of the heroes
– Customize items inventory
– Create your quick chat messages.
– Customize the skills of the invoker and rubick heroes
– Create multiple profiles
– Support DotA 6.88×3, 6.88w9.4, 6.88v3, 6.88u, DotA 6.85k and others maps.
– Works with RGC and other platforms.
– Supports Warcraft III The Frozen Throme 1.28, 1.27b, 1.27a, 1.26a


Some images of RGC Warkeys…

Download RGC Warkey

Click on the link to download…



– Unzip the downloaded RGC Warkeys v3.0b.rar file…

– Copy RGC Warkeys v3.0b.exe in your main warcraft folder…

– Run RGC Warkeys v3.0b.exe file as administrator (right-click, and click “Run as administrator”)…

– RGC Warkeys’s icon appears in your clock bar…

– To customize the “Inventory” select the Blink Dagger’s icon, click on the box called “Enable Keys” …

– Click on the buttons and select your favorite keys, you can choose modifiers suh as Alt+, Ctrl+ or Win+….
rgc warkeys config inventory

– For your skills (customkeys), select the sange and yasha’s icon, enable the “Enable Keys” box, and select your desired keys, then click on “Reload”, select the warcraft 3 folder, and click “Reload” again…
rgc warkeys config customkeys

– To minimize “RGC Warkeys” click on the “Hide” button.

– Now you can to test your Hotkeys.