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DotA LoD 6.86b2File: DotA LoD 6.86b2 for RGC
Author: DracoL1ch
Date: November 6th, 2018
Size: 23.74 MB.
Filename: DotA LoD 6.86b2.w3x
language: English

Legends of DotA (LoD, by its acronyms), is a modification of the map Dota Allstars, in which you can select heroes, and change your skills with those of different heroes of the game.
With this modified map, you can edit each of the 4 abilities of a hero, and change it with the abilities of another, you can create multiple combinations.

Legends of Dota is a map that is played online through different private servers (PvPGN), and platforms, including one of the most popular RGC (Ranked Gaming Client), where one of the largest communities of this mod.
Legends of DotA requires the game “Warcraft III: The frozen Throne” to be played, this map only works with patch 1.26, does not support other patches.


If you want to play DotA LoD map, you need the following requirements…

– Warcraft III The Frozen Throne version 1.26a.
* This map does not work with patche 1.27a or higher.

Changelog DotA LoD 6.86b2

This is the changelog for DotA LoD 6.86b2 latest map…

– Fixed negative HP regen bug introduced in 85n2
– Increased Macropyre (agh) cast range from 1400 to 1500
– Increased Aghanim’s Scepter cooldown from 40 to 50
– Increased Decay (agh) manacost from 80/100/120/140 to 120/140/160/180
– IncreasedSelling items range
– Fixed critical strike effects applying on wards
– Fixed Reaper’s Scythe affecting all kills made
– Increased Rearm manacost from 100/200/300 to 150/300/450
– Fixed one hero’s spells randomly not working
– Reduced Overcharge damage from 5/10/15/20 to 4/8/12/16
– Reduced Open Wounds lifesteal from 50% to 25/30/35/40%
– Increased Open Wounds CD from 12 to 18/16/14/12



Here are some images of 6.86b2 version…

Download DotA LoD 6.86b2 for RGC

Please, click on the following link to download dota LoD map for RGC…

Old versions

– DotA LoD 6.85m5.w3x – Downnload

CustomKeys for DotA LoD 6.86b2 RGC

If you want to customize your hotkeys for DotA LoD 6.86b2 QWER (Skills, Inventory, Items, Messages, game options, etc), download here:

Customkeys 6.86b2 QWER – (config.lod.ini – 1 kb)
Warkey++ – (144 KB)
RGC Warkeys – (1.38 mb)
– wc3isk2 – Download (45 kb)

frequent errors and solutions

I.- “The map file is too big. Please choose a different map.”.
– This bug is displayed when creating a game on LAN: “The map file is too big. Please choose a different map.”
The map file is too big - dota 6.88v8
When trying to create games on LAN, the game Warcraft 3 with patch 1.26a can’t open files with more than 8mb in size.
The only way to play on LAN is through a patch, for more details read: Patch 8mb.


– Download and copy the DotA LoD 6.86b2.w3x map in your Download/maps folder of WarCraft III….

Example (patch 1.26a):

C:\Program Files (x86)\Warcraft III\Maps\Download\DotA_LoD_6.86b2.w3x

Where to play LoD

You can to play LoD on differents warcraft 3 servers online (such as Eurobattle.net, rubattle.net, etc), and platforms (such as RGC, Gameranger, Tunngle, Garena, etc).
RGC is one of the most popular platforms, and the best place to play LoD online.
To play LoD on RGC, download RGC client, and join one of its rooms:
– Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Serbia, etc )
– Asia (Philippines, Thailand, India, Etc)
– South America (Bolivia, Brasil, Peru, etc)
– Iran

Dota LoD RGC Rooms

DotA LoD modes & Commands

DotA LoD Modes
Recommended mode: -SD3LS (This mode starts automatically if “player 1” does not enter any mode).
dota lod modes

DotA LoD Commands
dota lod commands


– This map doesn’t work with 1.27a, 1.27b, 1.28.5 or 1.29 patches.
– if you want to play on lan, remember to use the 8mb patch (game.dll).
– DotA LoD ai map is not available.

Good Luck!