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how to upate warcraft 3If you do not know how to update warcraft 3, through this guide you will learn to update your old version of Warcraft 3 to version 1.27b (

While it is true that patch 1.27b is not the latest version (the latest official version is 1.30.1), 1.27b is one of the most popular and used to play DotA and other Warcraft 3 maps.


Before starting with the update, you must meet the following requirements that are detailed below:

– Warcraft III: Reign of chaos and its expansion The Frozen Throne (any version).
– Warcraft III 1.27b Patch (
WC3 Setup or W3Fixer.

In this example, we will update the game in English language with the War3TFT_127b_English.exe patch, but it is the same procedure for any other language of the game. Remember that patches in other languages ​​are different, and should only be installed in their corresponding language, do not try to install the English language patch in the Warcraft III game in French language.

Installation: How to Update WarCraft 3

– First, download and unzip the “WC3 setup” program, this tool is very useful to fix errors of location of the game in the registry of your Windows system (such as Registry error loading key ‘Warcraft III\InstallPath). If you want you can also use W3Fixer, which has the same function.

– Run the file wc3 Setup.exe as administrator (right click on the file and select “Run as administrator”)…
How to Update Warcraft 3 - wc3 setup

– Press the “Start” button, now locate the file Frozen Throne.exe in the main folder of Warcraft 3, and click on open …
How to Update Warcraft 3 - Open Frozen Throne.exe

– wc3 setup.exe has already corrected the game, now close its (click on “Close”).

– Now, download patch 1.27b in English language …

– Once you have downloaded the updater patch, run the file War3TFT_127b_English.exe as administrator (right click on the file and select “Run as administrator”)…
How to Update Warcraft 3 - 1.27b patch

– Continue with the installation process until its completion…
How to Update Warcraft 3 - Installing

– That’s all, the game Warcraft III has been successfully updated to version 1.27b.
How to Update Warcraft 3 -OK

– You can check the version in-game, in the lower right corner of the image…
How to Update Warcraft 3 - 127b patch update


– If you have many corrupt files, it is recommended to completely uninstall the Warcraft III game. When the uninstall is complete, reinstall Warcraft 3: Reign Of Chaos and Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne, and update the game with the 1.27b FULL patch (War3TFT_127b_English.exe). This should solve your problem.

– If you are installing the game with CD of installation, the game no longer requires inserting the CD to play.

– To play on PvPGN servers such as Rubattle.net, eurobattle.net, etc, download the new PvPGN loader.

– If you need to play with an old version such as 1.26a or 1.27a, you can use Warcraft Version Switcher to change the version.