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How to play DotA on LANThe “Local Are Network” option in Warcraft III allows us to play DotA with other people in a local network, whether in a home network, cybercafe, LAN Center, etc.

How to Play DotA on LAN

To play DOTA on LAN follow the steps below …

– Run WarCraft III The Frozen Throne…

– Select “Local Area Network”
Select "Local Area Network"
– Write your name in “Player Name” and click on “Create Game”
"Player Name" and click on "Create Game"
– Select the dota map that you want to play, and click on “Create Game”…
Select the dota map and create game
– The local game has been created, now just wait for your friends to enter the room, to start the game just click on “Start Game”
Start Game
– The game has started, now only pick the heroes you are going to ban, and your hero to play.
How to play dota on LAN - Game has started

Errors and solutions

The map file is too big. Please choose a different map.
The map file is too big. Please choose a different map. The latest DotA maps (such as DotA 6.88v3, DotA 6.88v7, etc) developed by DracoL1ch, do not work by default with the latest Warcraft III patches. One of the causes is due to the size of the maps, patches 1.27a, 1.26a or lower can not open maps with more than 8mb in size.
Another cause is the incompatibility of the map with versions 1.27b, 1.28.5 and 1.29, this causes crashes when loading a game.

However, there are other optional ways to play with these maps that we detail below.

How to create a game on a LAN with DotA 6.88 map

Only for users with patch 1.26a

Maps of DotA 6.88v4 or higher, allow you to create games on a LAN with patch 1.26a of Warcraft 3.
These maps have an option to disable the limit size of the maps (8MB), for this follow the following steps below:

– Select “Single Player”
Select "Single Player"
– Now go to the “Custom Game” option…
Select "Custom Game" option
– In “Game Settings” choose the dota map, in this case we choose the DotA v6.88v6 Allstars map and click on “Start Game”
Choose the DotA map
– At the start of the game, a message displaying “Map size limit disabled” will appear. LAN games are now available on this map”
Map size limit disabled" will appear. LAN games are now available on this map
– Now finish the game, click on “Menu” or press “F10″…
click on "Menu"
– Click on “End Game”
Click on "End Game"
– Click on “Quit Mision”
Click on "Quit Mision"
– Now you can create a game on LAN, go to “Local Are Network”, and follow the steps indicated in the post.
Now you can create a game on LAN, go to "Local Are Network"
– All users must enable this option to play on the lan.
– If you close the game completely, you must re-enable this option.

Only for users with patches 1.27b, 1.27a and 1.26a

If you have the patch 1.27b or 1.27a of Warcraft III, the only way to play on LAN with the latest dota map, is using an patch 8mb modifier. In this case, we will use the game.dll patch, game.dll is modified file of patch 1.26a of WarCraft III. Just download the game.dll file, and copy it to the main Warcraft III folder. Before installing it, it is recommended to make a backup of your original game.dll, in order to be able to restore it later. Please for more details about installing this game.dll patch, for more details read: How to install the game.dll

Once you have installed the game.dll file, go to “Local Are Network”, and follow the steps indicated at the beginning of this post to create a game on LAN.

– All users that are going to play on the LAN, must install and have the same game.dll.
– When installing this patch you need to bear in mind that it should only be used to play offline or LAN, it is not recommended to use it to play online, because, anti-hack systems of some servers can interpret this modification of your client as a cheat or map-hack, and you could be banned. If you want to play online you should only restore the original game.dll file.

Only for users with patches 1.28.5 and 1.29

In this moment, there is not a solution to play DotA 6.88 (or later) on LAN, this map is incompatible with these patches, and they produce crashes when loading a game. In this case, we recommend playing with the DotA 6.85k map.