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File: Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne 1.22 Patch
Version: 1.22a Patch (
Author: Blizzard
Date: June 30, 2008
Category: Patch – Upgrade

Hey guys pach 1.22 for warcraft III Release!!, The Warcraft III patch v1.22 has been released with several game fixes, updates and new maps. The game’s can be updated automatically via Battle.net.


– There is now a replay auto-save feature in the options menu. Replays
are automatically saved to the “replay” folder.
– The game is now automatically saved in the event of a potential
disconnect. These saved games are placed in the “save” folder.
– Player color selection can now be limited by the number of players in
the game using an option in the “Advanced Options” screen during game
– Added an option to always show unit and building health bars.
– You can now enable and disable the display of minimap signals
from players and other observers using chat commands:
/showminimapsignals and /hideminimapsignals.
– Added a new in-game cheat “maxfps” to limit the maximum frame rate to
the given number. Example: “maxfps 30” will set the maximum frame rate
to 30 FPS.


– Scout Tower repair rate changed from 12 to 20.
– Knight damage increased: Attack cooldown changed from 1.50 to
1.40 and base damage increased from 25 to 28 (Average damage is 34).

– Increased Ziggurat base armor from 1 to 5.
– Reduced the build time of the Necropolis from 120 to 100.

– Reduce the Orb of venom poison duration from 10 seconds to 8 seconds.
– Increase the experience gain from Dryads from Level 2 (40xp) to
Level 3 (60 xp).


– The cooldown on unlimited usable items (example: the staff of
preservation) now persists after the item is dropped or traded.
– A cooldown exploit with potions has been fixed.
– When you unburrow a Crypt Fiend, its auto-cast will no longer be toggled
– An exploit bug in which items could lose their cooldowns when transferred
between heroes has been fixed.
– Fixed DotA-specific sound effects on Intel Macs.
– Fixed sound falloff on Intel Macs. Distant sounds should now still be


– New maps from contest winners:
– (2)MeltingValley
– (2)RoadToStratholme
– (4)CentaurGrove
– (4)TidewaterGlades

Patch Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Full 1.22a (English)
Download [Link 1] – 55.25 mb.

Patch Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Upgrade 1.21b to 1.22a (English)
Download [Link 1] – 6.98 mb.

Good Luck!!!