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File: HamachiSetup-
Author: LogMeIn, Inc.
Date: november 26, 2007
Size: 985 KB.
OS: Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, and Windows Vista
Description: Hamachi is a UDP-based virtual private networking system. Its peers are helped by a third node called a mediation server to locate each other and to bootstrap the connection between them. The connection itself is direct and, once established, no traffic flows through our servers. Hamachi is not just truly peer-to-peer; it is verifiably secure peer-to-peer. Hamachi is able to successfully mediate p2p connections in roughly 95% of all cases. This includes peers residing behind various firewalls or broadband routers (aka NAT devices).


– LAN over the Internet: Arrange multiple computers into their own secure network, just as if they were connected by a physical cable.
– Remote Access: Remote control any machine on your network with Remote Desktop.
– Files and Network Drives: Access critical files and network drives.
– Zero-configuration: Works without having to adjust a firewall or router.
– Security: Industry leading encryption and authentication.

Download Hamachi – English [Link 1]

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