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Footmen FrenzyFile: Footmen Frenzy 8.4
Author: HatoDOWN and HatoUP.
Date: July 28th, 2007
Size: 217 KB.
Filename: Footman Frenzy 8.4.w3x
language: English

Footmen Frenzy 8.4 is one of the few excellent spin-offs of HatoUP’s Footmen Frenzy. Not only is it balanced, but it has tons of new features.

Download Footmen Frenzy

– Please, click on the following link to download…

These features include

– Over 30 new balanced heroes
*New abilities
*New models
– A few new items
– Computer AI
– Improved player leaving system
– Improved anti-backstab system
– Clean layout
– A Custom Rule maker- Red may choose the following options
*Standard Pick, All Random
*Original Heroes only, No Super Heroes, All Heroes
*Trading Permitted/Banned
– Some basic core changes relating to healing, magic resistance, and pricing
– Camera Settings