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File: DotA Allstars 6.40 AIplus v.1.2 (unofficial)
Author: RGB
Date: February 20th, 2007
Size: 2007.0 KB.
Category: Hero Defense

Hi guys, the newest AI version (unofficial), DotA Allstars v6.40 AIplus v.1.2 by RGB…

Modes: -ap, -ar, -lm, -rd, -mm, -tr, -dm, -vr, -rv, -mr, -du, -sp, -sh, -aa, -ai, -as, -id, -em, -sc, -np

Few enchancements/changes/balances, this is done in a hurry, so there might be some new bugs

-“-hm” is now Hard Tower Mode, all towers regenerate hp
-“-ne” added, Normal Exp Mode, AI gets 100% exp
-changes lane before the first creepwave arrives to balance out lanes


-handicap is now at 120/150/200 and at 135/175/250 in super ai
-bonus gold at the start is now split to each ai hero in team
-rewrote many parts of code to reduce lag
-fixed “rambo” attitude (charging alone at a group of heroes)
-less aggressive early game
-slightly nerfed dodging
-fixed problem with invisible heroes
-buys items slowly
-many other few enhancements that may not be noticed like item builds, skill
builds and skill usage for many heroes
-shorter commands (“-oatk” to “-oa” etc. )

It’s the first worth-trying 6.4x Ai map anyway.

Download DotA Allstars 6.40 AIplus v.1.2 [Link 1]

Good luck!!