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File: DotA Allstars 6.38b AIplus v1 For Warcraft (Unofficial)
Author: RGB
Date: december 19, 2006
Size: 2685.3 KB.
Category: Hero Defense

Hi guys, this is AI version unofficial by RGB…

Changelog: 6.38b AIplus v1

This is a private AI that I developed a long time ago. Release it to the public so i updated it to 6.38b and here it is. It basically contains all the features that we want on an AI map back when 6.27b was the latest DotA version…

AI Features:
-Uses many items like Eul’s Scepter, Guinsoo’s Scythe, Lothar’s Edge, Dagon, Necronomicon, Flasks, Portals etc.
-Over 40 unique item builds (“unique” does not mean “entirely different” here, and most builds differ by 1-2 items only), plus most of these builds are very suitable to the hero. The AI has a different build in Death Match mode, a universal build
-Has a mechanism that prevents them from getting stuck, charge alone, walk through invulnerable towers etc.
-Most skills are used properly, even uses some combos like Blink-Stomps, Decrepify-Dagon etc.
-Evades Meat Hook, Elune’s Arrows, Fissure and tries to stay away from Midnight Pulse, Macropyre, March of the Machines, Black Hole, Illuminate etc.
-Reacts near-okay to many skills like omnislash, channeling spells, rupture, curse of the silent, sprout and many more (not to Battle Hunger, Mana Leak)
-Sometimes attack neutral creep camps, which means Chen uses Holy Persuasion
-Ganks heroes who are alone
-Can backstab (using Vendetta, Windwalk or Lothars)
-Fiends grip works here
-Butcher uses Rot effectively
-Kotl uses Illuminate when it is safe to do so, if kotl is attacked while channeling, it will cancel illuminate and run away. However, it still is a free target of Meat Hook, Midnight Pulse and the like.
-Buys itself when in need or just when they’re filthy rich
-A very simple but nice defending routine
-Chooses heroes after each human player have chosen their heroes, or after 70 seconds (at Mirror and Reverse modes, they choose heroes after 45 seconds)
-AI here is a cheater:
–Handicap is at 130-Easy/160-Normal/200-Insane
–They have bonus gold at the start 100-Easy/300-Normal/500-Insane and recieves more gold per 8 seconds
–They buy flasks only for a cheaper price, and buys all for a discount in DeathMatch modes

Other Features:
-Not mentioned in the AI Commands: “-allyrand”/”-foerand” lets AI pick a random hero
-“-ds”/”-denysignal” – shows some “Deny!” sign when a creep is denied (i added this long ago in my private versions before csboard was in dota, so its not very useful now)
-“-allmid” – left/right towers are invulnerable, so you have no choice but to attack in the middle
-you cant use “-swaphero” with an AI hero

Known bugs:
-not really a bug, but there is no ai unstuck tech in here, if they get stuck in trees, well they can only get out by using skills
-AI likes to “overkill”, like waste ulti on dying enemies
-This rarely happens, but the AI can get temporarily stuck when attacked by a tower
-Another rare bug, sometimes they just run away when the opponent is dying
-AI correctly uses all skills except:
Watcher, Eyes in the Forest, Berserker Rage, Sand Storm, Unstable Concoction – unused
Meat Hook, Elune’s Arrow – used only when it is possible, does not do anything to effectively use these skills
Charge of Darkness – only charges enemies nearby (about 2 screens away)
Backstab – its just there
Blink Strike – sometimes AI refuses to attack the target, they just blink to the target

Good Luck…!