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File: DotA Allstars 6.32b AI 1.90 AI Official For Warcraft
Author: cloud_str
Date: August 18, 2006
Size: 2480.3 KB KB.
Category: Hero Defense

Hi, This is an Official version of the DotA Allstars AI, DotA Allstars 6.32b AI 1.90 AI :

Changelog: 6.32b AI 1.90

– DotA built-in “-csboardon/off” is now used (so now there is no bug). But the commands have been changed to “-cson” and “-csoff” to conform the v6.33+.
– Game-mode input has been conformed into v6.33+. Now you type all gamemodes in one line, although this is still v6.32b.
– “-sm” or “-shortmode” has been changed into “-easymode” or “-em”, again to comform the v6.33+.
– AI now chooses his hero on the 45th second (was 87th in previous version). This is to prevent the 87th-second-lag which I. personally, hate so much.
– AI now conforms LM.
– AI players now are compatible with DM mode, with one note that upon their revival, they will sell all of their previous items (including the unsoldable Aegis) on the true price (e.g. Gauntlet will be sold on 150, not 75) to buy the items suitable for the new heroes. This is due to the linear-item-build-system that is used in this AI, which renders item adaptation impossible.
– AI players now can pick items. Note that AI will pick ONLY items dropped on unit death (e.g. DivineRapier, Gem, and any items dropped in ItemDrop) and powerups. Also note that due to impossibility for this AI to adapt itembuild, the items picked WON’T be used and won’t appear in his inventory, instead it will be stored in his appropriate CircleOfPower (AI’s has 6 slot instead of human’s 1 slot). This is the rule for these items.

1. AI can only pick 4 items at max.

2. If that AI is killed, DivineRapier and Gem which are picked will be dropped in his death spot. In ID, random item of these 4 slots will be dropped.

3. Should he reach his fountain:

a. picked items which belonged to allies will be dropped on the appropriate Circle.
b. picked items which belonged to enemies will be sold (at usual half price), including the unsoldable DivineRapier. So, now think twice of using naked Divine against AI smile.gif.

– AI lane-choosing is greatly improved. However, of course they are still far from matching humans’ lane-choosing ability.
– AI defensive system is greatly improved.
– Finishes all AI’s item set.
– Added more ultimating skills.
– AI combat skill is greatly improved.

1. Now AI will use most (if not all) single-target spell to hero only.
2. AI has smarter way to survive in the beginning of battle.
3. AI is smarter in assisting allied hero.
4. AI uses orb-based active-skills (e.g.: Searing Arrows, Poison Arrows) effectively.
5. AI can last-hit and deny creeps.
6. AI sometimes uses Scroll of Town Portal to return to battlefield (early-game only).

– SuperAI has been remade. Now instead of giving the AI bonus exp and gold, SuperAI gives all AI players additional combat skills (some are impossible for normal player). Again, humans are much smarter than AI.

1. AI may use SoTP to escape from battlefield and to defend base. The SoTP won’t appear in their inventory, but is carried in their respective CircleOfPower. Note that they cannot buy any SoTP outside the fountain zone.
2. AI has greater Ultimating probability and greater creeping skill.

– “-ms” and “-cs” has been modified. Now it can be used to see an AI hero’s movespeed and creepkills.
Operation: Select (left-click on) an AI hero and type -ms/-cs. If no AI hero is selected, -ms/-cs will be done as its original use.

1. It cannot be used against a player hero.
2. This “-ms” modification is my answer to those who said “AI gains bonus movespeed”. If you find this issue to be true, send me a replay.

– Fix “-pm” (the Sentinel upper-lv3. tower didn’t regenerate in 1.71)
– Fix Bristleback’s Viscous Nasal Goo (it’s effect cannot stack in 1.71)
– Fix Necrolic’s Grave Chill (the movespeed bonus was spreaded before)
– Fix some “killed himself” issue (for those who originally cannot self-kill).
– Add many ultimating skills.
– And much more small issues I forgot.

Download DotA Allstars 6.32b AI 1.90 [Link 1]

Good luck!!!