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dota 6.88uFile: DotA 6.88v 3 RGC
Author: DracoL1ch
Date: December 29th, 2017
Size: 11.41 MB.
Filename: DotA Allstars 6.88v3.w3x
language: English

Dota 6.88v RGC is the latest dota map stable for RGC (Ranked Gaming Client) platform, created by DracoL1ch. This version is based on the official map, includes many improvements in the game mechanics, heroes balance adjustment, fixed some bugs, new terrain, wards stack, such as new items in the store.

One of the biggest and most important changes in this new update is the addition of new items, among them are: Iron Talon, Dragon Lance, Hurricane Pike, Faerie Fire, Blight Stone, Infused Raindrop, Bloodthorn, Wind Lace, Tome of Knowledge, Aether Lens, Echo Sabre.
DotA 6.88t New Items


If you want to play DotA 6.88v RGC map, you need the following requirements…

– * Warcraft III The Frozen Throne version 1.27b.The version of warcraft 3 to play in RGC depends on the channel / region / country where you want to play, check in the RGC channel that version of warcraft 3 is supported.

RGC Update (Map support)

– (29-12-2017) DotA 6.88v3 has been released, and now playable on RGC.
– (09-10-2017) DotA 6.88u4 has been released, and now playable on RGC.
– (16-09-2017) DotA 6.85K is back to RGC.
– (26-08-2017) DotA 6.88T4 has been released, and now playable on RGC.
– (23-08-2017) RGC returns to DotA 6.85K
– (20-08-2017) DotA 6.88T is playable on RGC.

Changelog DotA 6.88v RGC

This is the changelog for DotA 6.88v3 RGC latest map…

– Fixed an issue with wards stacking
– Fixed Shallow Grave visual issues
– Meant to be finally stable and no longer betaOther improvements
– Improved stability
– Added new style of minimap coloring
– Added wards stacking support
– Added visual bars for teleportation
– Added visual indicator to Drunken Brawler to display guaranteed critical strike cooldown
– Added Aghanim for Magnus from 7.00 series (Reverse Shockwave) instead of 88f Aghanim (AoE empower effect)
– Added Aghanim for Bloodseeker (grants 2 charges of Rupture, 40 second cooldown each)
– Added Earthshaker’s Aghanim effect to Enchant Totem
– Added double-click support for Enchant Totem
– Added new visual effect for Assassinate
– Added visual cooldown on charged abilities when out of charges.
– Added prefixes to Super & Mega creep’s names
– New visual effects for Black Hole damage, Bloodlust, Repel, Xin’s abilities
– Added prefixes to Super & Mega creep’s names
– Improved lag at the very start
– Improved lane creeps aggro mechanic



Here are some images uploaded of the 6.88v…
DotA 6.88u RGC - The FountainDotA 6.88u RGC - Techies

DotA 6.88u RGC - In Roshan Hole DotA 6.88u RGC - Arcane Rune

Download DotA 6.88v for RGC

Please, click on the following link to download and get dota RGC map…

Custom Keys for DotA 6.88v RGC

If you want to customize your dota hotkeys for 6.88v map (Skills, Inventory, Items, Messages, etc), download here:

Customkeys 6.88v3 RGC QWER (CustomKeys.txt) – (215 kb)
Customkeys 6.88v RGC QWER (config.dota) – (2 kb)
Warkey – (144 KB)
Dota Hotkeys (Custom your Inventory) – (204 KB)
RGC Warkeys – (1.38 mb)
– wc3isk2 – Download (45 kb)

frequent errors and solutions

– ERROR: Map file too big. This dota map doesn’t work with the patches 1.27a, 1.26a or before version. Please Update to 1.27b.

– Warcraft III crash or Error message: This map is only available at Ranked Gaming Cliente platform.
map is only available at RGC platform
This map is playable only in RGC, if you want to play in another server or lan you must download the other map stable DotA v6.85k Allstars.w3x


– You should copy the DotA 6.88v RGC map (DotA Allstars 6.88v3.w3x) into your Download/maps folder of WarCraft III….

Example (patch + 1.27b):

C:\Program Files (x86)\Warcraft III\Maps\Download\DotA Allstars 6.88v3.w3x

Example (patch +1.28a or latest):

C:\Users\YouUser\Documents\Warcraft III\Maps\Download\DotA Allstars 6.88v3.w3x

Good Luck!