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DotA 6.88x6 BETAFile: DotA 6.88×6 RGC BETA
Author: DracoL1ch
Date: December 18th, 2018
Size: 47.01 MB (49.338 KB).
Filename: DotA Allstars 6.88×6.w3x
language: English

Dota 6.88×6 is the latest DotA map BETA for RGC (Ranked Gaming Client), created by the developer DracoLich. This BETA version includes improvements in the balance of heroes, Items, and some bug fixes.

This version is still in the testing phase, if you play on RGC platform, please use the stable map DotA 6.88×4 or DotA 6.88v3 (depending on what channel you play.).


For to play DotA 6.88×6 map, you need the following requirements…

– Warcraft III The Frozen Throne Patches 1.26a, 1.27a or 1.27b.

About DotA Beta for RGC

– This map is a beta version (still not stable version).
– This map is not yet supported on RGC channels.
– To play on RGC, please download the official and stable version for RGC: DotA 6.88×4

Changelog DotA 6.88×6 RGC

This is the changelog for DotA beta map…

– Fixed Winter’s Curse not blocking the damage abuse.
– Chat aliases with -mute no longer affects yourself anyhow.
– Fixed missing primary damage from Hellfire Blast (Skeleton King).
– Fixed sticky Armlet effect bug.
– Fixed abuse with Refresher Orb.
– Illusion from Spirit Lance (Phantom Lancer) now adds to SelectAllUnits groups.
– Fixed abuse with Meld (Templar Assassin)
– Fixed Meld attacks doesn’t trigger Psi Blade (Templar Assassin) sometimes.
– Fixed courier being auto-selected on respawn.
– Selecting all units now prefers main Meepo instead of his Clones being selected as first.
– Trap blast (Templar Assassin) icon moved to right to prevent overriding Charges indicator.
– Reverted tower’s collision size changes.


Download DotA 6.88×6 for RGC

click on the following link to download and getdota RGC map…

Old versions

– DotA Allstars 6.88×3 – Download

CustomKeys for DotA 6.88×6

If you want to customize your dota hotkeys for 6.88 map (Inventory, Skills, Items, Messages, etc), download:

– Customkeys 6.88 QWER (Customkeys.txt) – More Details
– Customkeys 6.88 QWER (config.dota.ini) – More Details
RGC Warkeys (1.38 mb)
Warkey (144 kb)
Dota Hotkeys (Custom your Inventory) (204 kb)

frequent errors and solutions

– Error message: “The map file is too big. Please choose a different map” when opening the map in a LAN game with patches 1.26a or 1.27a
Solution: Install the game.dll patch

– Warcraft crashes: Warcraft 3 crashes when starting a game on LAN with 1.27b patch.
Solution: Install the game.dll patch


– Download the map and unzip.
– Now, Copy the DotA map (DotA Allstars 6.88×6.w3x) into folder Download/maps of WarCraft III….

For Example (patch 1.26a or before):

C:\Program Files (x86)\Warcraft III\Maps\Download\DotA Allstars 6.88×6.w3x

have a nice day!