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dota allstars editorFile: DotA AllStars Editor
Author: Shikuso Entertaiment
Date: August 20th, 2018
Version: 1.5
Size: 706 KB.
Filename: DotaAllStarEditor.exe

DotA AllStars Editor is a practical tool that will help you configure your config.dota file in a very fast and easy way.

DotA AllStars Editor provides a graphical user interface with which you can configure your skills, inventory, and other options in the game. You just need to open the config.dota file, perzonalice your hotkeys, enable your favorite game options and save.

Features Dota Allstars Editor

– Graphical user interface
– Customize your skills, Items and options in the game.
– Friendly and easy interface.

Download Dota Allstars Editor

Click Download to download the file now…



– Unzip DotaAllStarEditor.rar file after you download it…

– Run the DotaAllStarEditor.exe program…

– Locate and open the config.dota file located in the main folder of the warcraft 3 game…
By default it is located at:
C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\config.dota.ini

– Select the “Hotkeys” tab, and write your shortcuts for skills, and inventory items.
dota allstars editor - hotkeys

– Select the “Game Options” tab and configure your favorite options…
dota allstars editor - Game Options

– In the “Chat” tab, you can customize your quick chat…
dota allstars editor - Chat

– To save the changes in the config.dota file, click on “Save”.

– Now, you can to test your DotA Hotkeys

General Notes

– To create the config.dota file you should only start a game with the DotA 6.88w map.
– If you want, you can also download the config.dota file, and copy it to the main folder of warcraft 3.
– config.dota file works only with 6.88+ maps series: DotA 6.88w9