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Customkeys QWERFile: CustomKeys QWER for DotA 6.88w RGC
Date: January 2018
Lenguage: English
Version: 6.88v3, 6.88v4, 6.88v5, 6.88v6, 6.88v7. 6.88v8, 6.88w9.4
Size: 215 KB.
Filename: CustomKeys.txt

The CustomKeys.txt file contains the customization of the hotkeys for the Skills (abilities) of the heroes, courier (Chicken) and the shop of items for DotA.
This customkey (QWER) has been previously configured to work with the DotA 6.88v3 map for RGC.

This customkeys also supports maps 6.88v4, 6.88v5, 6.88v6, 6.88v7. 6.88v8, 6.88w9

Customkeys QWER

The file customizes the hotkeys on the keyboard in the following way:

– Customization of heros’ skills (abilities)

Customkeys QWER skills
Q: Skill #1
W: Skill #2
E: Skill #3
R: Skill #4 (Ultimate)
D: Skill #5
F: Skill #6

– Customization in the shop

Customkeys QWER shop
Q,W,E,R: Items in the first row
A,S,D,F: Items in the second row
Z,X,C,V: Items in the third row

– Customization of the courier (Chicken)

Customkeys QWER courier
T: Transfer Items
D: Change courier Type
F: Burst (movement speed to 800ms)
G: Sends the chicken to the Secret Shop
Q: The courier return to base
W: Drop your items
E: Resume Delivery
R: Collect your items

Download Customkeys QWER

Click on the following link to download customkeys for dota 6.88 RGC…



– Unzip the CustomKeys.rar file downloaded…

– Copy CustomKeys.txt file in your main warcraft folder
for example:

C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\CustomKeys.txt

– Run WarCraft III, select “Options”, go to “Gameplay”, Enable “Custom Keyboard Shortcuts” and press “OK”.
Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

– Now, Start the DotA Game, and Test your Hotkeys.

General Notes

– This file only customize the skills of the heros, if you want to configure the Items of the inventory, recommend you use this programs: DotA Hotkeys, Warkey++, wc3isk2.
– This file works with maps: DotA 6.88v8, 6.88v3, 6.88u, 6.85k
– The customkeys supports the warcraft III 1.28, 1.27b, 1.27a patches
– Supports Windows 7, Windows 10.