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Customkeys QWER Config.dotaFile: CustomKeys config.dota for DotA 6.88w9
Date: August 1st, 2018
Lenguage: English
Version: 6.88v3, 6.88v4, 6.88v5, 6.88v7, 6.88v8, 6.88vX, 6.88w3, 6.88w9 (QWER)
Size: 4 KB.
Filename: config.dota

The file dota.cofig is the customkeys developed by Dragonlish, the developer of DotA 6.88w9.4 map. This file allows you to configure the hotkeys of the skills of the heroes, the Items of the inventory, the items of the store, as well as other options in the game.

This dota.cofig file can be opened and edited with any text editor, such as for example the notepad program in Windows, or other program that allows you to save in text mode.
To edit the file, we recommend using the DotA Allstars Editor utility (graphical user interface).

Features config.dota

– Hotkeys for skills.
– Hotkeys for inventory items
– Hotkeys for Items of the stores
– change the number of FPS limit
– Enable or disable the Windows key
– Auto-select your Heroes
– Enables / disables mana/hp bar
– Support for wide screens HD 16: 9
– Activate the effects of the weather: snow, moonlight, wind or random.
– Enables / disables HP regeneration, among other options.

Customkeys QWER

This file is configured as follows:

– Customization of heros’ skills (abilities)

Customkeys QWER skills config.dota
Q: Ability #1
W: Ability #2
E: Ability #3
R: Ability #4 (Ultimate)
D: Ability #5
F: Ability #6

– Customization Inventory Items

Customkeys Inventory Items config.dota
1: Item Slot 1
2: Item Slot 2
3: Item Slot 3
4: Item Slot 4
5: Item Slot 5
6: Item Slot 6

This file doesn’t work with “ALT +” or “CTROL +” combinations.

– Customization in the shop

Customkeys Items shop config.dota
Q,W,E,R: Items in the first row
A,S,D,F: Items in the second row
Z,X,C,V: Items in the third row

Download Customkeys QWER

Click on the following link to download config.dota file for dota 6.88v4, 6.88v5, 6.88v6, 6.88v8, 6.88vX and 6.88w9

Click on the following link to download config.dota file for dota 6.88v3

*NOTE: In the maps 6.88v4 and later the “config.dota” file has been renamed to “config.dota.ini”.



– Decompress the config-dota.rar file after you download it…

– Copy or overwrite config.dota file in your warcraft 3 folder…

C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\config.dota

– Run WarCraft III, select “Options”, go to “Gameplay”, Enable “Custom Keyboard Shortcuts” and press “OK”.
Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

– Now, run Warcraft 3, and test your DotA Hotkeys…


– 6.88w9.4
* Added ColorblindMode option to Config – Visuals, for now it only toggles Scan minimap ping color from green/red to blue/red.

General Notes

– config.dota file works only with 6.88+ maps series: DotA 6.88w, 6.88vX, 6.88v8, 6.88v3, etc.
– In the maps +6.88v4 the file “config.dota” has been renamed to “config.dota.ini”.
– The customkeys supports the warcraft III 1.28+, 1.27b, 1.27a patches
– Supports Windows 7, Windows 10.