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Blizzard Battle.net Gateway EditorFile: Blizzard Battle.net Gateway Editor
Author: Quixotic Yawl Studio
Date: July 1th, 2002
Size: 222 KB.
Filename: BNGatewayEditor.exe

Blizzard Battle.net Gateway Editor is a utility program for managing your list of Warcraft III servers (Gateways). With this tool you can add, delete, edit, and detect the status of your favorite servers.

The program also allows you to select the default server, and create / export a log file with all your servers, so these can be restored if are removed from your PC.

Blizzard Battle.net Gateway Editor’s Functions

Blizzard Battle.net Gateway Editor
Some specifications about its use:

-“Zone” of Gateway: Time Zone, from -12 to 12, which means east 12 to west 12.
– “IP” of Gateway: both IP and Domain name are allowed.
– “Set to Chosen Gateway” of Warcraft III: It modifies both the Chosen Close Server
Gateway and the Open Server address.
– Function “Detect Gateway”: Send network command “Connect” to remote server, gives the connection time as result. This is not a PING value.
– Double click a gateway in list, it will be set to chosen.
– Right click a gateway, a popup menu will appear, nearly all functions could be seen here.

Download Blizzard Battle.net Gateway Editor

Click on the link below to download Blizzard Battle.net Gateway Editor…


Please follow the steps below to install and configure this program…

– Download the BNGatewayEditor.rar file and unzip it…
– Run BNGatewayEditor.exe file as administrator…
Run BNGatewayEditor.exe
– Click on the lower tab “WarCraft 3″…
Blizzard Battle.net Gateway Editor - Select Warcraft 3
– To add a new server, click on “Add Gateway”…
Blizzard Battle.net Gateway Editor - Add Gateway
– Enter the name of the server (Name), the TimeZone (Zone), and the IP address of the gateway, then click “OK”.
Blizzard Battle.net Gateway Editor - Add Gateway and OK

You can find more servers here: Warcraft 3 Servers

– To check the server’s status and ping, select the name of the server (Gateways), and click on “Detect Gateway” …
Blizzard Battle.net Gateway Editor - Detect Gateway

– Now, you can run Wacraft III game, and verify the new server added to your gateway Battle.net.


– You can see more PvPGN private servers here: Warcraft 3 servers
– Blizzard Battle.net Gateway Editor Support Warcraft 3 patches: 1.26a, 1.27a, 1.27b, 1.28.5, and does not support patch 1.29 Public Test Realm (PTR).
– Supports operating systems: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10.