Warcraft III Fixer W3Fixer

September 5th, 2006 by Mark in Tools,Warcraft III Comments (67)
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File: warcraft III Fixer
Author: Lacewing
Size: 483 KB.
Version: 2.00
Description: Tool with which You can Fix Your Warcraft III registry

Download Warcraft III Fixer W3Fixer


67 Responses to “Warcraft III Fixer W3Fixer”

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  1. 67
    Miki ,Says:

    Still works after such a long time,thanks! :)

  2. 66
    murat ,Says:

    writing diabloII to gam not works

  3. 65
    ASDF ,Says:


  4. 64
    nochio ,Says:

    Hi sir, this is a nice tool that I run but I’m worried about this detection from virustotal.com.

  5. 63
    Mam3 ,Says:

    It works great. It takes two seconds and now my W3 is fixed. Thanks alot!

  6. 62
    samuel ,Says:

    sir it’s not working when i open the warcraft 3 then it still fatal error how can i fixed it? please help me

  7. 61
    jason ,Says:

    tnx mAn !

  8. 60
    i-key ,Says:

    wtf?!! ths shit has a malware!! doont download ths cos it will freeze ur system!!

  9. 59
    k1ll3r ,Says:

    Work fine on w7 64 great, thanks

  10. 58
    bOB ,Says:

    This is great! It repaired my Warcraft RoC and now I can install TFT!

  11. 57
    Herbert ,Says:

    Its still trying to find an original cd…dammit how do i freaking fix this sir?

  12. 56
    Genic ,Says:

    This works perfect fine with Win7-32bit, really helpful, thanks alot.

  13. 55
    Ninja ,Says:

    the w3fixer is freezing windows 7 64 bit. I can’t use it anymore :(

  14. 54
    jnocetti ,Says:

    ey! I justo foudn this post and I tought that somebody can help me find another server besides garena to play dota… mi mail is jnocetti@gmail.com I apreciatte your help thanks

  15. 53
    sinatra ,Says:

    I couldn’t open it because it’s in RAR file. Can somebody tell me how to fix this?

  16. 52
    KolapseJ ,Says:

    Thanks man, it works! Now i can play Dota in Garena!

  17. 51
    herbal ecstacy ,Says:

    Hey, i just found this here after a fast google search. Nice post you got here! Keep it up!


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