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DotA 6.88k RGCFile: DotA 6.88k RGC
Author: DracoL1ch
Date: March 28th, 2017
Size: 7.88 MB.
Filename: DotA Allstars 6.88k.w3x
language: English

Dota 6.88k is an new dota beta map testing for RGC (Ranked Gaming Client) and created by developer DracoL1ch. This BETA version includes improvements, new items in the store, and some bug fixes.


For to play DotA 6.88k RGC map, you need the following requirements…

– Warcraft III The Frozen Throne Patches 1.27a or before.

* This dota map doesn’t work with the patches 1.27b or latter version.

Changelog DotA 6.88k RGC

This is the changelog for DotA 6.88k latest beta map…

– Fixed issues with Walrus Punch & Infernal Blade on autocastFixed Ring of Aquila being unavailable for one-click buy
– Fixed a few possible crashes with the dll-file
– Flame Guard no longer stack damage effect if re-casted
– Fixed Ignite malfunction on level 4
– Fixed !ff didn’t work
– Fixed Gravekeeper’s cloak being permanently on
– Fixed Upgraded Reaper’s Scythe, Blink Strike incorrect manacost
– Fixed observers not being recognized properly
– Fixed bug when Battle Hunger buff never get dispelled
– Fixed Searing chains not counting as a disable
– Fixed Bloodthorn spell effect didn’t work for non-human related attacks
– Repel can now be casted on spell immune allies
– Fixed various issues with Teleportation stopping functions
– Activating Vendetta will instantly stop burrowing
– Improved lane creeps behavior – they don’t stop themselves as much as before
– Observers now have default game table as any other player, and holding Alt will turn back to extended table
– Fixed Bloodthorn ability counted as spell cast
– Added hotkey for Bloodthorn (D)
– Changed Silver Edge hotkey from S to E
– Removed hotkey from Rod of Atos and Moon Shard
– Changed Manta Style hotkey from M to T



DotA 6.88k in the Fpuntain DotA 6.88k - The Rune

DotA 6.88k - Boom! DotA 6.88k - Secret shop

Download DotA 6.88k for RGC

click on the following link to download and get dota RGC map…

Custom Keys for DotA 6.88k RGC

If you want to customize your dota hotkeys for 6.88 map (Inventory, Skills, Items, Messages, etc), download:

– Customkeys 6.88k QWER – Download (19 kb)
– RGC Warkeys – Download (1.38 mb)
– wc3isk2 – Download (45 kb)

frequent errors and solutions

– ERROR: Warcraft III Crashes when the map is loading
* This dota map doesn’t work with the patches 1.27b or latter version, try with the Patch 1.27a or before.


– Copy the DotA 6.88k RGC map (DotA Allstars 6.88k.w3x) into folder Download/maps of WarCraft III….

For Example (patch 1.27a or before):

C:\Program Files (x86)\Warcraft III\Maps\Download\DotA Allstars 6.88k.w3x

have a nice day!